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I’ll keep adding stuff to this list, so check back every once in a while! I currently have two main categories: Dog Related and Not Really Dog Related. Ha! Some might be duplicates from my sidebar, but that means they’re double special.

Dog Related

Training & Behavior

The local people below are the only people in the Twin Cities area that I trust with MP. No joke! As someone who “shopped around” for a vet for 2.8 years (and met with about seven vets…if that gives you any idea of how I deal with things), worked with at least eight trainers and teams, and a dog library full of “all the right books,” and about 213 supersmart dog friends who help me out regularly, I can safely say that I’ve made all the mistakes for you already so you can stick to this list.

I can’t stress this enough for anyone with reactive/aggressive/shy/anything other than an incorruptibly happy dawgy dawg. I’m only being this annoying about it because I’m tired of hearing about places like the “Very Popular Training Company” literally breaking bonds between poor dogs and their well-meaning humans through yelling, intimidation, leash snapping, choke/prong/shock (!) collaring, collar grabbing, pressuring, forcing into dogs’ space, what have you. In about three sentences, the trainers and vets below can obliterate anyone’s justifications for using force, pain, or intimidation. Because it’s cruel, ineffective, and unnecessary.

  • Colleen Falconer is the most knowledgeable, skillful and patient (= the BONE!) dog behaviorist/trainer, ever, and she is one of something like the 12 people on earth who Victoria Stillwell personally approved to be her Positively Dog Trainer!
  • Fresh Air Training does the only and the longest-running truly positive growl classes in town, and they’ll make sure it’s fun for the humans, too! If all ya wanna do is play and you have a little bitty dog, check out Pint Sized Play.
  • Robin Saille is another person I totally trust for reactive dog stuff—she is about as grounded as one could possibly be! Good vibes all around. She has a puppy raising blog, too.
  • If you happen to have any reactivity or aggression problems, please check out Dr. Margaret Duxbury at the University of Minnesota vet school (or your local veterinary behaviorist, if you’re outside of my local area).
  • Patricia McConnel‘s The Other End of the Leash blog.

Food & Other Dog Related

For specific products or brands of supplements or toys that I like, look to the right sidebar with all the Amazon product links!

  • Local Harvest is a great resource for leaving behind factory farms and GM foods and finding A Milk Lady or A Goat Guy or The Best Egg Person or a CSA or anything you want, really.
  • And we all know Awesome Mindy of Sleeping Cat Organic Farm by now.
  • Lake Harriet Vet is where I arrived after my favorite vet, Dr. Janna, moved away, and they truly have been perfect for me and MP. Even the building is “green!” You won’t smell gut poking bleachy, chemically smells there, and there’s no uber-slippery stainless steel anxiety exam tables. They speak holistic, traditional, and anxious and annoying humans like myself.
  • PinPoint Veterinary is Dr. Janna Kottke. She is about as close as one gets to a healer. Her specialty is acupuncture, but she treats all kinds of patients for all kinds of stuff in Viroqua, WI. Just being around her will make you feel better while she checks out your pets.
  • Sander’s Book, by Connie Burnet, is an amazingly straightforward, heartwarming and educational read about how a “regular girl with a dog,” changed from doing what seemed to be the normal thing—commercial foods, vaccinations, meds—to a much more consciously natural and nontoxic way of life—when her heart dog, Sander, was diagnosed with cancer. He was given a “few months” prognosis, but Connie, single-handedly through lifestyle and philosophical changes, basically helped him live for many, many more years. When he passed, he was cancer free. Lifesaving information for some, and just an awesome book and website overall!
  • Keep up with all things dog food at Sabine’s famous Dog Food Project. She’s the one you should contact for diggitydog diet consults, too.
  • While you’re at it, just join the most civilized and resource-packed dog forum (aka Dogs All Day per Piz) and come hang out with us.
  • Jean pretty much wears an animal hero cape at all times, and an animal saving queen tiara when she goes out.
  • My awesome frugal friend Jen’s money-saving and doggy blog! She can make the stores pay for her groceries. Yes.
  • Dog workin’ pro Laura talks about her supercool dawgs and dumb-ass boss.
  • Yes, she has crazy eyes in her photos but I generally like Fully Vetted. (previously Dolittler)
  • Kristy’s nature/spirituality blog should inspire us to stop being dicks.
  • IfItBarks makes the prettiest and the funnest collars! They are MP’s favorites. Countersurfers get a special coupon, too!
  • I usually get my supplements from here, or Amazon. They have the best prices. (If you use the Amazon link, Countersurfer gets a small cut from your purchases!)
  • Rescue your forever love via Homeward Bound Rescue! They are seriously the neatest group. Their volunteers are kind and helpful, and the best matchmakers—because they know their dogs really well!
  • You know I paint and draw dogs and other pets and animals, right?

Not Really Dog Related

  • BNDH is the best smelling and the smartest design firm in the world.
  • HelpJapanTees is our super cute fundraiser shop for Japan Red Cross and Japan Animal Earthquake Rescue and Support.
  • Piz Dad is Jim Brandenburg, the best nature photographer on earth, in case you didn’t know.
  • Brandenburg Prairie Foundation is kicking ass saving prairies and making you care. Donations appreciated.
  • 365 Things to Avoid in the Twin Cities will help you stay away from all awful things around here.
  • Do you like rice? I rike lice!!!
  • MP and I love our friend, Enrique, who is not only the nicest, sweetest human but also the best bass player, ever.
  • Dirk is also an insanely talented musician (composer, guitarist, everything) who is loved to bits by a certain Pancake dog.
  • Brian Roessler and Nathan Hanson have a superduper jazz trio called Fantastic Merlins. I don’t understand shit and you shouldn’t do your math homework to them, but I do know that they’re amazing.
  • Do you have human kids or just like music? Bunny Clogs are the most hilarious and cerebral kid music makers! I get to show my animal animations at their shows sometimes, too, which I think are pretty cute.
  • My nicest genius friend Zack invents and makes the awesomest guitar pedals (and other things). He also was one of the first folks with a Tesla and race electric cars, which makes him even cooler.
  • My hot friend Kit, who rocks it out single-living style, the way she effing wants it.
  • Towle (not Towel) is a filmmaker and he can make a mean Western (which we art directed!) or a money grubbing corporate video.
  • Jephemera makes real maps of fake places, and the most appetizing menu boards.
  • I like You are Dumb.