Want collars/leashes? Sure you do! Exclusive coupon for Countersurfer readers!

the collar means this is not a wild beast

Woooo hooo! Countersurfer readers get a special coupon! (See? This blog does some good sometimes.)

If It Barks, an awesome indie collar and leash company who makes MP’s cloth necklaces all by hand, is offering Countersurfer readers FREE first class shipping on your order with the coupon code: FREEshipMaisy


the most serious face she makes

Isn’t that a sweet code? MP feels special. And you know how I feel about paying for shipping.


goes well with the big wet black noooooose

She’s had these two for more than four years. Her very favorite one is the sage and pink one. Like any favorites, the thing has come along for quite a ride: it’s been washed, swamp ratted, burred, lost, frozen, found, rolled in a variety of stinkmass. And she totally gives me the sad eyes when this one is in the wash.


toe pillow


the red one makes her silly

We’ve got our eyes on a replacement for her Linus blankie sage/pink collar, or one of these, maybe. Can’t decide!


even being bored is fun in red

Anyway. They make little ones (3/4 inch) and wide ones (1.5 inch) along with the standard (1 inch). Quilted kind, too.

I love small businesses run by kick-ass two-leggers. If It Barks gives collars to shelters and rescues, too. All the more reasons to support them!

Thanks for the coupon, Nicole!


MP is on their front page, and a link to Countersurfer, too! That’s so awesome. Go git yer collars, humans!

Nicole, you are superduper!

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