Morning chicken, night time beef

Fed on 6/28, Thursday.

Morning chicken

Good morning chicken! This is lightly cooked on one side because it was frozen solid. I basically put the meat in a bit of water and put it on medium heat until the pieces can be hacked apart with a spoon, then pour the whole thing into the bowl. Her veggie cubes have been frozen lately, also, so the residual heat kind of melts that, too. I was feeling bad about the frozen cubes but it’s frickin’ hot lately and I think she actually likes the veggiecicles.

She doesn't look very impressed

There were two cute bowl faces, so I’ll post another. 🙂

Large nose

Dinner is beef with another veggie cube.

Beef dinner

She’s been giving me lots of stuck lip type bowl faces lately. LOVE.

Cutie mouth

Today’s dog food:

  • beef
  • kefir
  • chicken breast
  • veggie mix
  • sweet potatoes
  • tomato
  • banana
  • oatmeal
  • homemade paneer

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