Heart and fish for the pumpkin pie colored dog

Cow heart breakfastCow heart breakfast

Fed on 10/1, Saturday.

Big yogurting heart breakfast for a sweet brown-eyed dog.

Bowl eye

Bowl eye

Weekends are for doing fun things, so MP gets a very meaty knuckle bone we got with our quarter beef. She was eating the pumicey boney part before the meaty part, but when I held it for her, she started tearing off the meat part with her front teeth.

Gimme itGimme it
Pumpkin pie colored dog try 1Pumpkin pie colored dog try 1

These pictures were taken to show that MP is a pumpkin pie colored dog. Piz likes to call her that a lot. Pumpkin Pie Colored Dog MP! The first one had weird light so the pie looks a lot yellower, but she really is the very color of pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin pie colored dog try 2Pumpkin pie colored dog try 2
Pumpkin pie colored dog try 3Pumpkin pie colored dog try 3
Pumpkin pie colored dog there it isPumpkin pie colored dog there it is

I should note that Piz actually bought this pie at Whole Foods because it was like three dollars on sale. Otherwise, I’m not a fan of bought pies because they tend to be so very sweet. Especially stuff from Whole Foods. But then, my friends would tell you that they can’t eat what I call “sweets” because it’s not sweet at all.

Dinner meatDinner meat

Dinner is surf ‘n’ turf! Very nice light, fluffy Alaska cod with beef heart!

Dinner faceDinner face

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