Fish with berries and an egg, turkey body parts

Fed on 6/27, Wednesday.

Fish and egg

Fishy berries are the best! MP is getting some wild salmon with wild blueberries for breakfast. It’s so very wild that I’m throwing in a soft boiled egg in shell!

Reach a roo

Dinner is also kind of wild (new word, please). It’s a very meaty carcass of a big turkey. I left plenty of meat on it so that the bone is plenty covered. This is just the back and some rib cage type stuff. No legs.

Dinner crazy

Today’s dog food:

  • wild blueberries
  • turkey carcass
  • egg
  • veggie mix
  • sweet potatoes
  • wild salmon
  • kefir
  • homemade paneer
  • banana
  • pear

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