Blueberry chicken, beef dinner

Fed on 2/25, Saturday.

Blueberry chicken veggie bowl Back to totally normal food! Breakfast is a bowlful of chickened blueberries with some veggie mix. She really didn’t want to give me a bowl face this morning so it’s just the side eye. Breakfast lookaway Dinner is cubed beef. I’m almost all out of the last quarter I got. Will someone hire me to do something so that I can get MP more cow from Awesome Mindy? Dinner pile . . .

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Beef and one last gruel

Fed on 12/24, Friday.

Breakfast beef Normal beef on top of congee beef for breakfast. I have one more portion left and we’re back to normal meals! Beef ears Dinner is made fancier with a little egg on top. I really didn’t feel like cooking for myself so I almost ate her dinner. Since that seemed mean, I ended up making some rice and ate it with a bunch of Japanesie pickles and stuff. One last gruel Fuzz nose . . .

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More beefsparagi gruel

Fed on 2/23, Thursday.

More beefsparagi I think I can probably decide that she is fine now, but I’m going to give it another day. Breakfast eater My phone is supposed to have a decent camera but the operator is sucky so here’s a lightbulb bowl picture. Oops!. Super bright plate Same thing for . . .

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Chicken gruel, Beefsparagi

Fed on 2/22, Wednesday.

Breakfast gruel More porridgey foods! She really isn’t showing any sign of digestive distress but I’m going to keep it low key for a while. Why? BECAUSE THIS RATFINK ATE COMPOST. This breakfast is chicken broth, rice, veggie mix dollop and some sweet potato mush. Compost rat face One more The dinner batch is beef, brown rice and asparagus. It actually smells and tastes amazing, although Piz says it “needs salt.” He really wanted to have it for dinner . . .

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[Weekend Movies] MP inside a marshmallow teleport

Marshmallowed on 2/25, Tuesday.

Marshmallow  I love how she looks like “OMG WHA?!” after looking pretty normal. Ahahaha! As always, here are some stills for those without VCRs. [See slideshow]

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Making tea

Stolen on 2/24, Friday.

While we were out running errands, MP made some tea. tea-thief

Chicken Cocaine Congee all day

Fed on 2/21, Tuesday.

Cocaine chicken congee I’m kidding! Of course it’s not cocaine. Just some probiotics in hoping that they can win against whatever killer CDC germ-a-molds are hanging out in her belly. You wouldn’t know it from her poops, though. Still *perfect*. Jesus. (In case you missed it, here’s why she’s eating congee.) Cutie Dinner is the same thing. I think she will be eating this or something very similar for a few days. It’s just some congee I . . .

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On 2/20, MP ate a very nice meal, went out to the yard, and decided to get right inside the compost bin and eat all kinds of mesed up shit. . . .


Breakfast cuties, sardined kiwi

Fed on 2/19, Tuesday.

Breakfast of hairy eggs I think this breakfast looks like the eggs are eyes and the veggie mix is the hair. No? Every time there’s two eggs, I can’t help but to see them as eyes! Anyway, I really like these breakfast bowl faces, so I’ll show you all three. Pretty 1 Pretty 2 Pretty 3 Dinner is fishy kiwi! I promised a lighter fare for the next few days, so naturally, it is sardined kiwi. Yums! . . .

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Oystered beef rice and more beef

Fed on 2/18, Saturday.

Oystered beef rice I know I said no oysters yesterday, but I found some in a jar that I almost forgot about. They were fine! The rice is a loose congee I made with chicken stock for MP after I pushed the wrong button on my rice cooker and screwed up the batch. It’s so nice to have a good sports Pancakes to eat foods I mess up. Funny face Dinner is more beef. I think we will go . . .

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Combo platter, beefy greens

Just the face, ma'am

Fed on 2/17, Friday.

Combo platter breakfast For indecisive dogs, you can order a combo platter that allows you to choose two kinds of meats and one vegetable. This morning, MP got salmon and beef, both of which were leftover not-quite-full-portions. Good choice, puppy pup!   Just the face, ma'am Dinner is new beef (as in, I went out and got more) and veggies. I was hoping to get something else like oysters but she’s had enough cans for today. (BPA scareds! :S ) . . .

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Green chicken and beef, super breakfast faces

Fed on 2/16, Thursday.

Green chicken I’m pressed for time so no making up stories about her meals today! However, I have two super duper breakfast faces: Beep beep big nose Best tongue Dinner is beef and veggies. The green is so pretty, you know it’s going to be making good MP parts! Dinner face Green beef . . .

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