Fish with pancakes, hemp meal

Fed on 12/29, Sunday.

Fish in a jar Fish in a jar! This is one cooked and halved saury/sanma in a jar, with the soup it made when I cooked it in a little water. There were a couple more the day before, but this is MP’ last fish. Gluten-free blueberry pancakes on fish Since one fish isn’t enough food for MP, she’s getting a gluten-free blueberry pancake Piz made for us. There were humans who would have liked an extra pancake, but none . . .

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Yellow balls, turkey dinosaur

Fed on 1/28, Saturday.

Three yellow balls Breakfast is three yellow eggs on top of a big pillow of Greek yogurt with green power powder mixed in. Humans had eggs, too! Stop it momma For dinner, MP had some dorky turkey with dinosaur kale. I like this Bowl Dog picture because it’s funny to say hi to dogs through a glass bowl. Turkey dinosaur kale Bowl dog . . .

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Breakfast bird, oystered turkey, yogurted MP

Fed on 1/27, Friday.

Breakfast bird Big birds breakfast! We have a couple portions of the sale turkey left. Pretty breakfast dog Like I mentioned before, I’ve been sucked into the Greek yogurt thing, but luckily, have found a damn good sale at the Harvest Moon Co-Op. I stocked up and MP has been getting to lick all the empty containers. This is what happens when MP licks a yogurt tubby: Yogurt nose Yogurt nose again Dinner is . . .

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Stir fry, capybara and more turkey

Fed on 1/26, Thursday.

Stir fry breakfast MP had the same breakfast as yesterday. Beef strips for the belly! Breakfast cuties While the humans were eating lunch, we turned on the TV and there was nothing on. I kept flipping until we found the hot two brothers (one of them is a fellow alumni of my alma mater, in a class with my supervetfriend Janna !). I was going to flip right over it but Piz spotted the capybara, which he says I like. (!) . . .

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Fed on 1/25, Wednesday

Stir fry stripsBeef breakfast! This package of beef was marked “strips for stir fry,” but since we cook outside of the box for dogs, it was just thawed and then seared it a bit on the iron skillet. Breakfast lightDinner is a very nice tambourine tapping turkey breast that we found on sale at the Wedge. Piz cubed it just right for the MP mouth. Turkey dinner Dinner browns . . .

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Morning liver, OBEYING THE LEASH LAW, lots of things for dinner

Fed on 1/24, Tuesday

Livery morning Morning livers! It’s kind of a heavy meal to start the day with, but MP doesn’t seem to mind. Half of it is raw and the other half is cooked‹not because I tried to keep it interesting, but because it was a frozen brick of livers and I was thawing-cooking lazyman style on the stovetop. I just gave her what I could peel off for her morning portion. Liver lips We finally got some snow around here! It’s been . . .

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Continental breakfast, fish face

Fed on 1/23, Monday

Continental breakfast …And, in the morning in the dining area, there will be a continental breakfast ready for you by 6am, and until 11am. Our specials change daily, but we always have oatmeal and eggs for dogs, and basically nothing or just some leftovers for humans. Breakfast nose bonk Dinner is one and a half saury fish in a soupy veggie mix. Fish dinner Fish face . . .

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Chicken simmer, new veggie mix, liver dinner

Fed on 1/22, Sunday.

Chicken simmer Chicken simmer breakfast. It’s a quiet little bowl of simmered chicken and an egg to make it extra special. Open ear Piz made another one of his delicious “use as many pots and pans as possible” breakfasts so MP got to do the dishes. Everything is clean now so they can go right back into the cupboard. Lucky Lucky 2 Lucky 3 Steppin in . . .

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Saury all day, a fish question

Fed on 1/21, Saturday.

Fish in a pot Stinkfish day! It really isn’t that bad, but it is fishy, for sure. Like I mentioned yesterday, we got some saury from the Korean store for MP. I threw three of them in the oblong Le Creusset with about 1/3 cup of brown rice and simmered it all in water until it was nice big pot of stink stew. Fish wants It was kind of funny because Piz wasn’t so happy about turning . . .

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Beef tongue, premade raw

Fed on 1/20, Friday.

Squashy tongue Tongue breakfast! It was kind of a late breakfast because I had given her some “better on empty stomach” supplements. It was just probiotics today, but stuff like quercetin and SAM-e are like that, too. I know because neither of us ever have an empty stomach so it’s a super bug pain in the ass (not to mention stressful) if we ever go on those. Patient noses OK, another one because her nose is so wet! . . .

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Leftover breakfast, cooked premade raw

Fed on 1/19, Thursday.

Smorgasbreakfst Breakfast is a bunch of leftovers. Some turkey pieces, beef bits, Greek yogurt, 381-grain warm cereal. Cuties I like this bowl face even thought it’s fuzzy because she has her puppy face on. Dinner is that cooked premade raw thing again. I think this is the very last chubby from the blowout sale batch. Until the next blowout sale! Cooked raw dinner Cooked raw dinner eyes . . .

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Ink spill breakfast, fishfishfishfishfish in a can

Fed on 1/18, Wednesday.

Breakfast ink spill Hello, hello, I’m reporting that there’s an ink spill in the pristine sea of 371-grain breakfast cereal. Where? Right next to the two yellow balls. You can’t miss it. Yes. What? Oh, it’s just chlorophyll? OK. I’m sorry for the trouble. Good girl Marmaduke MP looks like a Marmaduke! Blurrrrrrfgh! Blurrrrrrrrrfgt! Dinner is fish fish fish fish fish in a caaaaaaan. That’s a song you have to sing when there is fish in a can. This is . . .

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