Bye bye 2011!

Fed on 12/31, Saturdays.

Turkey and vegemamols It’s time for a new year! How was your 2011? I liked how it was fun to write “11” when I write the date, but overall, I think we’ve had better ones. I’m happy that we get to sort of start over from 1 every 12 months. Breakfast nose MP’s getting turkey and beef with veggies today. It’s not the most special meals to close the year, but we’ll still do the special New Year . . .

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Beef, turkey bits, yogurt love

Fed on 12/30, Friday.

More beef and veggies More beef and veggies for breakfast! Breakfast eyes Dinner is some meaty turkey carcass and a palate cleanser follow-up of Fage and veggies. I’ve been trying to not give into the Greek yogurt thing because it’s one of those things I’m going to be stuck not being able to live without it for about two and a half months until I suddenly get over it. It’s not like it’s bad for you, but I . . .

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New fresh food!

Fed on 12/29, Thursday.

Rice cereal and eggs Brown rice cereal and three fresh eggs! I was too pooped to make new veggie mix the night so this is it! Breakfast face Dinner is beef and new veggie mix! Since Piz doesn¹t have a good blender, I juice everything when making a batch at his house. The humans always steal a little bit of the juice because it¹s so good and makes us feel like we made new cells. This batch has a whole . . .

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[Movies!] Skijoring with Maisy Pancakes!


Good sport MP pulls some kids and grownups! Here’s some awesome skijoring/slowjoring pictures and movies! [See slideshow]


Extra meal for a hard working dog

Fed on 12/26, Monday.

Breakfast More of the same foods but this breakfast got a little yogurt on top. I’m glad I brought a tub of Nancy’s. It’s refreshing to take a spoonful after lots of holiday food! Breakfast face MP’s getting a pre-dinner snack of leftover duck (the neck that we made stock with) and squash from the Christmas dinner because she’s been working super hard as the fastest slowjoring dog in the world. I’ll post the cute skiing pictures in another . . .

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Fed on 12/25, Sunday.

Same food   Food face More premade frozen for breakfast! I actually misjudged the amount she needs so I¹m kind of running short on food. I¹ll figure something out. We did more skijoring today! Slowjoring, but not so much falljoring because Piz wore her and I ran (sort of). MP loves to pull! Smiles for funs Snowjoring Kickin up the snow Snose plow   . . .

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Same meals and a bunch of flies

Fed and hunted on 12/24, Saturday.

Breakfast I just realized that I don’t have dinner photos from Saturday because I asked Piz to bring her the dinner and didn’t remind him about the photo ritual. It doesn’t matter because it’s literally the same meals over and over! I do have several pictures from one fly stalking/hunting session to share, though. Flies There’s nudder one And anudder one I have to get this . . .

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Happy holidays from Countersurfer!

Hunted and eaten on 12/24.

Flies for present We are visiting Up North and staying in a guesthouse where special flies are aplenty and apparently delicious. I say delicious because MP catches but won’t eat city flies. These are clearly different. Full of eggs, probably, that are all going to hatch inside her belly and crawl out of her butt, and somehow make their way into my mouth as I mouth-breathe in my sleep. Anyway, these are nature’s presents for MP. Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks . . .

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Fast food and be quiet treats for the car

Fed on 12/23, Friday.

Breakfast can Just a can! Nothing to see here. I had gotten very little sleep the night before with all this packing and laundering for the long trip Up North for the holidays. That’s why it’s just a tan can. I think it was the Organix kind, for any curious humans. Breakfast face Did I ever mention how LOUD this Pancake dog is in the car? Sometimes she¹s very nice and quiet, but other times, she barks the . . .

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Holiday traffic

We’re inside and they’re outside  

Thursday tongue day, make do dinner

Fed on 12/22, Thursday.

Breakfast tongues and things Pretty breakfast for a pretty fuzz dog. In the bowl is beef tongue, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, some veggie mix, and an egg! Nose wide open Dinner was not as nice. She just got more tongue and sweet potatoes and a chicken wing to make up for the fact that there wasn¹t enough tongue. We¹re going out of town tomorrow so I kind of had to make do with what we had in the . . .

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Mackerella breakfast, awesome pictures, tongue dinner

Fed on 12/21, Wednesday.

Ohhh Mackerella breakfast Ohhhhh mackerella, breakfast! These were on supersale at the newly expanded Asian grocery that we like to go to. It is now less stinky and featured less dead fish in the tanks. However, the frozen selection still appeared like they unplug the freezer displays at night. I also found these new and excellent signs in the store. These “picture + name” posters are everywhere in this store, which is actually really smart because English is not necessarily the . . .

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