November Foods: Week 4

Nov 22: Dinner face

Fed during Week 4 of November.   [See slideshow]


November Foods: Week 3

Nov 16: Sweet breakfast nose

Fed during Week 3 of November. [See slideshow]


November Foods: Week 2

Nov 11: Fun walk

Fed during Week 2 of November. (And a picture of a cute little hike.) [See slideshow]

Everything breakfast, tongue with berries

Fed on 10/31, Monday. Breakfast everything Round eyes Tongue and berries Want my tongue and berries . . .

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Too behind for daily updates, so we’re onto weekly photos!

Nov 6: Red bowl

Fed during Week 1 of November. I’m not sure why I’m missing some dates and meals, but I think they’re on Piz’s phone. I’ll update as I find them! [See slideshow]

Surf ‘n’ turf, tongue ‘n’ surf

Fed on 10/30, Sunday. Surfin turfin Breakfast face Tongue and surf Dinner eyes

Smorgasbreakfast, beef

Fed on 10/29, Saturday. A bunch of stuff Pretty face Red dinner Side bowl face . . .

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Meat and veggies, chicken bites

Fed on 10/28, Friday. Meat and vegetables Polite face Gator face Side bites So what face . . .

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Meat and more guts

Fed on 10/27, Thursday. Meat Meat face Mo guts Guts eyes . . .

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Chickens and their guts

Fed on 10/26, Tuesday. Chicken chicken Chicken face GUTS Guts face

Chicken chew, beef

Fed on 10/25, Monday. Chickens Thanks Chewed In the mouf Beefed Nosed Eyed . . .

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