Back from the prairie

Fed on 10/24, Sunday. We’re back from the prairie. I don’t know what happened to breakfast pictures but it was a hectic morning (Piz wanted to make it to the prairie for the sunrise) so all I remember is that she ate. Tongue Yogurtled Feed me now   . . .

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29 grains, fish mush

Fed on 10/23, Saturday. I found a homemade warm multigrain breakfast cereal type thing in the bulk section at the Sioux Falls co-op on sale so I bought a little. It turned out to be pretty good. MP liked it, too. As I suspected, the flax seeds came out the butt just like they went in. Dinner was fish mush. I spotted some decent catfish at the grocery store so she shared the fish with us. We fake fried ours in the oven and it turned out pretty yummy, . . .

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Prairie visit! Beef all day.

Fed on 10/21, Friday. I’ll post the trip pictures later!

Breakfast light

Fed on 10/20, Thursday. Breakfast only. Dinner pictures are missing but here¹s two bowl eyes! Breakfast eye Breakfast blink

Blueberry beef breakfast, green fish

Fed on 10/19, Wednesday. Dinner only. Not sure what happened to her breakfast pictures.

Dinner only

Fed on 10/18, Tuesday. Dinner only. Not sure what happened to her breakfast pictures.

Pretty breakfast soup, tongue dinner

Fed on 10/17, Monday.

Chicken mush, blueberry beef

Fed on 10/16, Sunday. Chicken mush breakfast Breakfast side eye Blueberry beef guts Tails

Blueberry beef guts, seepie nap face, chicken

Fed on 10/15, Saturday. Food and bowl faces and a bonus nap one. Blueberry meat Bowl face   Seepie Chicken rice Dinner face . . .

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Tongue and fish

Fed on 10/14, Friday. Tongue Tongue for the belly Salmon dog Fish face

Catching up!

Fed on 10/13, Thursday. Things that are not puppies or ice cream has taken me away from my Countersurfing documentation duties. Even though I hadn’t posted in a bit, I always do take pictures! It’ll be just pictures for a bit. Pressurized bird and balls Mama broke the yolk Fat tongue Sniff dinner . . .

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Three square meals

Mossy sea with heart islands Fed on 10/12, Wednesday. Skinny girl is going to get three meals so she can eat more without having to eat it all in two big meals. Here’s her mini breakfast, which is heart pieces, goat kefir and green slurry. Morning face For lunch, there’s beef, super green powder and oysters. Surf ‘n’ turf steak house lunch on me! Lunch Dinner is more hearts. This time, it’s paired with manganese and antioxidant powerhouse, wild blueberries. I . . .

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