Green eggs, pork dinner

Green flaxy eggy ricey Fed on 9/23, Friday. Green soup with three eggs and fax for breakfast! MP is out of veggie mix so she’s getting a “green power” powder instead. Green soup eyes Dinner is pork with spirulina. Dinner pork Pork eyes   . . .

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Chuck eyes and a Clementine

Beef and flax Fed on 9/22, Thursday. MP ate a pair of chuck eyes today. It’s funny that a body part has a name of another body part. Morning eyes After the first chuck eye, MP got really excited and grabbed a Clementine from the counter and ran around for a while with it. Piz thought we should take a picture, but I couldn’t get the Clementine to show. It’s in there! Clementine-mouth Dinner is the other eye! Chuck now has no . . .

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Omega Pancakes

Omega breakfast Fed on 9/21, Wednesday. Omega breakfast for Pi dog! Breakfast is beef (Mindy’s grass fed! Mega omega!) and veggies and flax! I know she gets Mindy beef and flax all the time but I just thought about the super omega mix at this moment. Breakfast edged Dinner is more omega beef and fenugreek mix. I wish I could send you all the Fenugwort smell. My little maple syrup Pancakes. Dinner beef Please hurry . . .

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Pork all day

Pork soup Fed on 9/20, Tuesday. I cooked the pork this morning because it was frozen solid. It’s crazy how much MP smells like fenugreek—much more than the fenugreek veggie mix itself. Fenugwort! Breakfast face It turns out that MP is getting the same damn thing for dinner. I meant to grab some chicken today but didn’t make it out to the store. She gave me a super cute bowl face anyway. Mor Por Dinner sniffs . . .

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Monday bones with Scooby

Turkey bowl

Turkey bowl Fed on 9/19, Monday. Turkey bowl, cottage cheese, veggie mix for breakfast. This turkey is from the Wedge and I like it a lot better than the ones from Whole Foods. The Whole Foods ones carry iPhones and mine had a rain barrel. That is why. Breakfast eyes I got this knuckle from the buffalo lady at the farmers market. It was an impulse purchase. I had to look over the bone carefully to make sure there were enough exposed marrow parts instead of . . .

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Turkey turkey, shopping smart

Healthy breakfast Fed on 9/18, Sunday. MP is getting a very pretty and healthy breakfast smorgasbord. Turkey, cottage cheese, egg, veggies, flax, and a spoonful of coconut oil! Breakfast eyes Coconut oil is awesome. I use it in and out: I eat it, and also on my skin by itself or made into creams. Whole Foods used to have the best price for the unfiltered/”unprocessed” kind, but they’ve been out for a while now—something about a supplier problem. I’ve since found awesome prices on . . .

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Salmon stack Fed on 9/17, Saturday. Pretty fish breakfast. She ate the egg first, then the fish. Fish face Skinny brown girl dog gets an extra cottage cheese snack, too. It is hard to keep weight on this fuzz face. Extra for skinnies We went to the farmers market today to pick up some stuff that we’re not growing in our farm garden. My goal for this farm garden was to avoid buying anything during the season, but an occasional bunch of . . .

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Triple delight (no eggroll!) and chicken with squashy kale

Triple delight Fed on 9/16, Friday. One Triple Delight! Reddi fai mini no egg roe just egg! Breakfast eyes Dinner is a very nice chicken back and a side of squash and kale from the farm garden. Ready chicken Squash sides Squash wants . . .

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Okra pokes, mild mustards

Okra beef Fed on 9/15, Thursday. MP is done with her veggie mix so I’m doing one-off portions until I make a new batch of veggie mix. For breakfast, she’s getting a bunch of okra! They were on the bigger side (I like the little ones so she gets the big ones) and my hands got pricked and poked with those “invisible tiny thorns” things when I washed them. I can’t even tell if they’re still in there or not, but those things totally suck. It . . .

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Mama’s birthday

Where’s mine Fed on 9/14, Wednesday. It’s Mama’s birthday!! It’s usually a much bigger ordeal but I honestly am starting to not give a shit so it was a low key event this year. I was going to get to pick out a cake from a real bakery, but we decided later in the day that it’s best if Piz just makes me one. I asked for an MP cake but he said a square is going to be better (read: EASIER) so that is what . . .

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Tongue Tuesdays


Fed on 9/13, Tuesday.

MP is getting pretty much the same thing she got the yesterday, but it’s different today because it’s Tongue Tuesdays. Just like how tacos are different on Tuesdays. Bonus movie! Bowl eyes move around. Eye movie! And, here’s her Tongue Tuesday dinner. Tongue bowl Tongue bowl face . . .

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Tongue for all eight legs

Beef breakfast

Fed on 9/12, Monday.

Monday cow day. MP gets a very pretty beefy breakfast. Whites of eyes Dinner is the best tongue ever from Mindy. The humans ate the rest! It’s the perfect amount of fat and flavor and chewiness—I love tongue. Piz likes it lots, too, but said that he tries to not think about the fact that it is tongue. I think it’s because it comes packed “whole” and very, very, very real. I was kind of surprised when I first saw . . .

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