[Countersurfer] 08/31/10: Soup of chickens, lazy fish dinner, stolen pizza

chicken soup breakfast These chamomile-tea-drinking chicken soup breakfasts are becoming a real thing. I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing pictures of this. soup chicken Maybe up close is more interesting. serious sardines Moving on! This is what MP had for dinner. No veggies or anything, because it was pretty much an Oh Shit Dinner. We were at Piz’s house when I found out that a neighbor is coming over, and we are making pizza. This was the only thing that wasn’t . . .

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[Snacks] Yogurt jar team work

good lord

i like getting jars You know that MP likes her Gold Plates. She also likes getting all kinds of other “empty” food containers. On this day, it’s the yogurt jar. ok there is still more hard These quart jars are kind of tough for her because they’re pretty deep. By the time she is done licking all the sides, a lot of the yogurt has dropped to the bottom. Sads! thanks mama I try to help by holding it at . . .

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We all ate almost the same thing (fish!)

fish with the tomato and the tortilla Since I’m no longer a real Japanese person, I happily buy and eat frozen fish. I also buy fish from places my parents were barely able to walk by without gagging during their last visit (FYI, Whole Foods—which also gags my obtuse nose on a bad day). My fish criteria is basically this: 1) it must be on sale, and not some BS 50 cents off; 2) it is not effed in terms of toxins (thanks, BP et al!) . . .

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[Countersurfer] Chicken soup breakfast and a stolen apple

stolen apple

soup of chicken It’s soup time! I pulled more chili contest winning chicken from the freezer and made enough for a few days. I put in a little cerebral celery and some of that Garlic Festival garlic. (Just so you know, I have an endless supply of this said Garlic Festival garlic.) I kind of feel like I’m posting a lot of soup breakfasts, but when I tally up the meals (because I’m not a total hack!), it really does work out to be just right. . . .

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More pork for dork dinner

pohk Repeating meals make me feel kind of guilty. (She had pork last night, too.) Oh well. This was an awesome portraitist pork steak. I got two meals out of this big ol’ thing. I cut off the fatty fat on the ends and everything. It was on sale, too! When I don’t have freezer space or a whole pig or whole anything, I’ve found pretty damn good meat sales at Whole Foods. One December, they were selling all their turkey legs and thighs . . .

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We ate the same eggs


eggs and greens Well, you  know what I said about these raingarden-scaping eggs: easy, fast, nutritious—perfect for those without a plan, like me. They’re also versatile, lasts a long time (especially if boil it or something), not messy (unless I use my left hand), makes Piz fart, and the terrified, miserable and bad eggs from awful factory farms are currently in midst of a major, superduper, “even your lobbyists can’t make this go away” recall. raingarden-scaping eggs Anyway, these guys came from my . . .

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Pork for dork

pohk! The male human likes to call MP “dork dog” because she is a little bit dorky. I’m also a dork so it’s all good. Anyway, we are sticking with the alliterative “P” meals today: poppy pancakes for breakfast and portolano collecting pork for dinner. Well, here it is again. not gonnu I don’t know why I bother putting these in her bowls. Well, she does eat them without any fuss sometimes…so I keep trying. This is exactly why MP keeps countersurfing or do . . .

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Poppy pancakes for Pancakes puppy

pianist poppy pancakes for a pancake puppy

piano playing poppy pancakes for a pancake puppy Piano playing poppy pancakes! Sometimes we make stuff like this on weekends. Pancakes are fun, especially if you have a Maisy Pancakes. I made this batter the night before after a fit of googling all kinds of foods while quasi-lying in bed. I wasn’t sleeping, with laptop on the side table (this thing gets frickin’ hot so I can’t put it even near my body), not tired enough to try to sleep, getting hungrier by the minute. . . .

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New veggie mix, pot abuse, lamb liver

liver and all

yep Oops. This is like in cartoons where people burn food. I don’t think I’ve ever burned food like this before; I’m not bragging—I screw up stuff all the time, but usually not by burning. This happened because I took a phone call and I really thought there was plenty of liquid in the pot. I didn’t take into consideration the super high sugar content of these songwriting sweet potatoes. they were fine Well, I just pulled off what wasn’t adhered to the bottom . . .

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Last bites of the 2LTLoE, yogurt and some nuts

last bites

last bites This is the final day of the Second Largest Turkey Leg on Earth. Since it’s getting pretty bony down there (ahahaha…), we’re just going to pull the meat off and not do any bone eating. (Haha.) less doo dis She got some yogurt and coconut oil afterwards. Vitamin E, too. We make sure she gets a little Vitamin E with additional oils like fish or coconut. For MP, it’s about 200 mg for something that ends up being 1 tbs . . .

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Soup breakfast and stinkasaurus dinner


chicken soup egg Yay for easy breakfasts! Chickeeeeeeeeeen soup. I put in an English major egg because I didn’t have much meat left in the soup. Kefir, too, as usual. Since I had it out, I ate some kefir with fruit for breakfast, too. I saved the gold cup for her to clean for me before I put it back in the cupboard I wash it. cup of gold share Dinner was more exciting, because it was stink bomb day! Here it is . . .

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[Snacks] Last peach bite and a Kong

kong kong

my last peach on sale Since I grew up on those ridiculous Japanese peaches that wear cashmere socks and come packed in gold down pillows, (I’m sure you’ve heard of the square watermelons of the ’80s) I’d been disappointed by peaches around here. At something like $4/lb, I hold multi-year grudges if I ever bought one that sucked. (It did.) So, when I saw gorgeous, sweet smelling organic ones on sale or $1.99/lb at Whole Foods (I know), the hoarding lamp went on and I . . .

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